My All American Story

It’s funny how things happen for a reason.  When I got the opportunity to preview material for the upcoming film, My All American, it looked interesting but little did I know how closely connected it would ultimately feel.

Growing up around the corner from Notre Dame University, listening to the sound of the band practicing and experiencing the electricity of a home game I may have a slight bias for the themes that run through My All American.  The film is latest from the writer who has also penned some other favorites that those of us born and raised in Indiana might appreciate, Hoosiers and Rudy.

It’s hard to believe its been over twenty years since I walked the halls of John Adams High school where they shot scenes from Rudy or nearly 30 years since Hoosiers brought the story of Indiana basketball to the big screen. Just like those two, the newest release due out on November 13, My All American has the same great themes of an underdog fighting against all the odds, meeting unbelievable challenges and with the back drop of an American love story it’s sure to be a great family film just in time for those cold Indiana winter months.


When I got the opportunity to view the film and have a chance to share this review and prize pack with my readers, I started thinking about the underdog theme and why it’s so appealing. I mean who doesn’t love the idea of David and Goliath and the long shots that shouldn’t make it, but somehow do?

I was thinking about the some of the kids I see in my counseling work, who have often been deemed failures or the parents who I coach who feel like failures and even in my own home as I work with my own kids learning how to tie shoes and read books or even perfect the dance step for the upcoming musical production. We all face things that feel impossible, we wrestle with doubt and we may even have to learn to silence the noise of what we should be able to do or what we should stay away from. The truth about the plight of the underdog, is that we’ve all been there.

We’ve all faced challenges that someone or something said we weren’t strong enough, or smart enough or maybe even just enough to handle. We’ve failed at tasks and been disappointed by mistakes when our 20/20 hindsight kicks in. What My All American does is give us a great place to have a conversation with our kids about never giving up, having faith in ourselves and being willing to go the distance right beside someone who is fighting the battle of a lifetime.


So I’m looking forward to seeing this film and think it will be a great way to spend an evening with my kids, because we all need a reminder from time to time that life can be hard, but it’s certainly worth living and it’s always a little sweeter when we spend a little energy rooting for the underdog.

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Review Wire Media for Clarius Entertainment. I received information to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

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